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Gabicce Mare

Events in Gabicce Mare and Surroundings


13 - 14 Mai: " Granfondo degli Squali", bike competition in the hinterland of Romagna and Montefeltro.

20 Mai: Piazza Matteotti at 17.30 Ecobicce
15 - 21 Mai: Piazza Matteotti at 21.00 3° Gabicce Street Contest
14 - 21 - 24 Mai: Gabicce Monte, Piazza Valbruna ore 17.30 live concerts.
28 Mai: Stella Maris, traditional religious feast.


02 June: Piazza Municipio at 21.00 Star from Capogiro, musical show.

2 - 4 June: La Karatella dei Campioni old vehicles exposition  Formula 1.

9 June: Piazza Municipio at 21.00 "Creobicce" Music Show.

10 June: Piazza Municipio at 21.00 Music evening "Rimini Classica"

11 June: Lungoporto at 9.00. Elegance of Vintage Cars "2° Memorial Stelio Giorgi"

13-14 June: 1st  Moto Meeting "La Baia Verde e Blu".

14 June: The "Rustida", the feast of fresh fish grilled and offered by the Bagnini of Gabicce Mare.

19-21 June:  70s Revival Festival with, DJ sets, live concerts, old vehicles exposition, vintage markets and art exhibitions.

20 June:  "Marche in Blue" the feast of the 17 Blue Flag Beaches.

30 June:  Stories from the sea, animated storytellings by the sea.


Pink Night 3th July 2015

Pink, the symbol of hospitality, takes on different shades on the lively beach of Gabicce Mare, where glamorous clubs and summer parties combine with a rich programme of events and tourist activities designed to entertain guests during the Pink Night, the most appreciated summer event along the Riviera. July 3 is the official date of the Pink Night 2015!
We expect to spend a whole weekend full of fun, all the Romagna Riviera turns pink to host events and amazing.
The Year of the summer will amaze you!

6 - 12 July:  Turismo in Festa ,4th edition, concert - week and music.

15 July: "Legality Run 2015" non-competitive foo-trace.

16 July:  "The Rustida" the feast of fresh fish grilled and offered by the Bagnini of Gabicce Mare.

17 July: "Sport and integration" conference with the Judge Piergiorgio Morosini.

22 July: "The Carnival of the Sea": dance, masks and music parade in the street.

25 July:"Palio della Voga", 1st Row Trophy at the harbour.

26  July:"La Notte Magica delle Vongole" appetizers and music.

28 July: Stories from the sea, animated storytellings by the sea.


6 - 7 - 8  August: "Cinema under the stars", on the beach.

11 August: The 12th Great Cycling Prize of Gabicce Mare, bike competiotion in the track of Case Badioli.

12 August: "The Carnival of the Sea" dance, masks and music parade in the street.

15 August:  The great fireworks show at the harbour.

25  August:  Stories from the sea, animated storytellings by the sea


4 September:  Solidarity Tournament of Burraco " Un mare  d'Amore".

4 - 6 September: "Calici d'aMare", wine promotion event with literary readings and music entertainment.

11-13 September:  A.S.C. National Football Soccer 11 v 11, 5 v 5, 8 v 8, men and women.

12 -13 September:Aperol San Marino Grand Prix and the Riviera di Rimini.

The Land of Motors expects samples MotoGP to mid-September, when the various leagues entering its decisive phase. In the circuit named after Marco Simoncelli will meet the champions of the two wheels, as always in a context that will add events to create the ideal climate. 

The 2013 edition has lived an extraordinary success, and public entertainment. 
With new options, enter the organization, buying time for the ticket you have access to discounts and facilitations.

18 - 20 September: 1st international motorcycle meeting  "Tinga by the Sea Marche"

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