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Acquario di Cattolica

Take your children to visit the fun-park LE NAVI, it will be not only an aquarium, but will be an amusing educational road with spaces to play outside and one sea to explore inside. Here children amuse, but it will be very interesting for adults too! Exclusive by Hotel Gloria tickets with exceptional discounts!


Aquafan, even if it has always been known as the most famous aquapark in Europe owes its success to the fact that it is not merely an aquapark. In this context, the active involvement of Radio Dee Jay is very important, a landmark for young people and the leading private radio in terms of listeners. And then there is the evening, when the Walky Cup discotheque opens, by now for many years a landmark for night-life on the Romagnola Riviera, thanks to the attentive and artistic direction of Linus.


Oltremare is the new theme park on the hill of Riccione, next to Aquafan. Open 12 months a year, this is the park has something for everyone. This is the most exciting tribute to our planet with 110 thousand square feet of exciting encounters with nature. A day in Oltremare is an educational experience in an exciting and interesting atmosphere with entertainers enhancing and informing so you get the most out of your visit.

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